Design to Installation

  • On site consultation – Up to 3 days
    We give professional horticultural advice, design and planting ideas. 
  • Design and costing – Up to 14 days
    If the job is large enough we create an autocad and 3d concept design and costing thereof. If the garden doesn’t require a design a quote only is issued at no cost. If designs are required a fee may be charged depending on the scope of the job.
  • Planting plan – Up to 7 days
    Once the design and/ or quote is finalised we issue a planting plan of species of suitable trees, shrubs, groundcovers and lawn at no extra cost.
  • Installation -  Depending on the scope of the job (up to 6 weeks)
    This is the fun bit where your new space comes into being.
  • Hand-over of garden – Up to 4 hrs
    A walk-through of your new garden with special instructions regarding the care and maintenance of plants

Landscaping Around a Biosphere

  • Adding an irrigation system with a rain sensor is the most water-wise solution to ensuring the survival of your newly planted garden.
  • Planting succulents and other suitable low-maintenance, water-wise plants is the most cost and time saving way to go
  • With the heavy rain, sun and wind conditions around the Western Cape planting indigenous plants suitable to your soil conditions and location will ensure survival of all planting.
  • Ask us about planting to attract butterflies, birds and other wildlife into your garden.

Hard Landscaping and Modern Lifestyle Gardens

  • We can create outdoor living spaces as diverse as our client’s needs such as gazebos, bomas, lapas, water features, ponds and natural pools.
  • We like to incorporate a range of hard-landscaping elements such as paving, rock, wood, metal, stonechip and more to add interest and to compliment the softness of the planting.
  • We also provide path and garden lighting so you can enjoy your garden after dark.